Shea VanLaningham | Web Developer, accessibility


j (for javascript) a (plus eleven letters in between) 11y

June 23, 2015 - ja11y is underway! Progress has resumed and the first beta release will be available in September!

Here is the current list of features that ja11y currently offers:

  • Forms with error handling
  • Accessible data tables
  • Accessible grids (much like Slickgrid, jqxGrid, jqGrid, etc.)
  • Drawers (in usage below)
  • Navigation
  • DOM manipulation with ease

In the future we hope to add:

  • Ready to use templates
  • Incorporation of Foundation
  • Performance enhancements
  • Better themes


Drawers are a common occurence on the web today. So, naturally, they need to be included in ja11y.

What makes these drawers unique is how easy they are to make accessible. As you can see in the HTML and JavaScript examples below, ja11y does the heavy lifting.


You only need 3 line of HTML to set up a form

<div class="drawer" id="drawer2">
  <div class="drawerContent"></div>


The JavaScript for the drawers are equally as simple for you. Simply initialize the drawer and pass in a JSON object with an #id and your heading text.

j.drawer({ 'id': 'drawer2', 'header': 'Markup' });